Germany Team is back 8.13.2016

They have arrived at LAX. Welcome Home! Starting our journey half asleep in Germany we boarded the bus at “dark o’clock.” We awoke to a beautiful sunrise, and the announcement that our flight was changed. Instead of flying through the Dallas, we are … More >>

Germany Team 8.12.2016

Last day of Conference and Farewells Today stared with breakfast and devotion time. The teams got into small groups and shared what impacted them about this week. Then prayed for one another. After our time together, the service team went … More >>

Germany Team 8.11.2016

Fourth day of Conference Festivities Works hard, and has fun too….The day started with a quick breakfast and then a devotion. The service and children’s team shared some answered prayers and ways we have seen God work. The children’s and … More >>

Germany Team 8.10.2016

Day three…Happy Birthday Sally! The third day of conference was underway with sessions for the parents and the children’s program for the kids. The children sang songs, did artsy projects, and were able to have free time. The children went … More >>

Germany Team 8.9.2016

Right this way….Second day of Conference Festivities. Today was our first full day of conference. The children’s team dove into their curriculum which centered around being “God’s Masterpiece”. We had the children until lunch, so they they were about to … More >>

Germany Team 8.8.2016

First day of Conference Festivities We shared a quick breakfast then headed to our devotional time. After our devotional, the kids and service team went off to complete their tasks. Some stayed back from the children’s team to help with … More >>

Germany Team 8.7.2016

Preparations for the Conference For the Children’s team. the day started with breakfast amongst arriving GEM attendees and their families. We then gathered and listened to a devotion focusing on the importance of the time spent here in Willingen. After, … More >>

Germany Team 8.6.2016

Excursions, then to Willingen We left our hotel in Frankfurt and made our drive to Willingen. On the way there, we had the opportunity to stop at a 700 year old castle known as Braunfels Castle in Braunfels, Germany. We … More >>

Germany Team has arrived! 8.5.2016

Wir Sind Angekommen! (We Have Arrived!) We arrived in Frankfurt around 9:30 am and collected our belongings to head to our hotel. We took a train, a bus, and later walked through town with our luggage. After making it to … More >>

Germany Bound! 8.04.2016

The day started with a 3:30am wake up call. The team met at church where Bill Born prayed for safe travels as we set off on our journey. We packed our ministry bags into various cars and headed off to LAX. The … More >>