Romania 7.19 – Scouting Trip

Thursday this morning we traveled to a gypsy village located about one hour away from the city of Cluj. We were greeted at the church by a neighbor of the church. We were grateful for Pastor Crhisiti’s skills in driving and translation. In the village, 30+ children magically appeared in the fields coming out from their homes and below the trees. The little boys we’re clowning around, giving high fives. They showed us their strength and their muscles.

The little gypsy girls were interested in hairstyles, nail polish and clothing. One girl spoke some English which she had learned in school. One gypsy father was seeking a needed medication we were grateful to have two medical doctors on our team. Romanian Dr. Ciprian and our Dr Kirk Pagel (with Abby) will be returning tomorrow to address medical issues.

As we drove home, we saw truly beautiful countryside. Ripe cornfields abound and golden sunflowers created a patchwork quilt effect across the land. Loaded fruit trees and family gardens surrounded most gypsy village homes. Donkey carts, mounds of hay, horse-drawn wagons, clear blue sky and Queen Anne’s lace flowers decorate the roadsides. Watermelon stands are plentiful here.

This afternoon we eagerly awaited the safe arrival of Daniel & Hannah Pavoni. Together, we are finalizing plans for Saturday’s gypsy village outreach. There are many needs in this gypsy village. People there seemed very happy and we are privileged to serve them. We will be working together with Romanian Christian team members in the name of Christ. This evening Ramona was able to join us for a relaxing dinner in town,

Tomorrow we are planning on preparing food, organizing necessary materials and doing a historical tour of the city, lead by Rei. We are truly blessed to be able to partner with him and Ramona in their ministry.

– Mary Bailey

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  1. Audrey Balan says:

    This is great! wish i could’ve been there.