Romania 7.20 – Medical Clinic

Today we began the medical mission portion of our trip. Kirk and I (Abby) traveled to Camaraşu (the Roma/Gypsy village we are working with) this morning and held a free clinic. Kirk saw patients while I did the nursing portion, taking blood pressure, height, weight, and other vitals. Although the language barrier made things move a bit slowly, the clinic went wonderfully.The Romanian helpers, Cristi and Ciprian, were much appreciated, especially for translation.

In five hours, 31 patients were treated for various reasons, from strept throat to pregnancy to skin problems. We were able to provide them with medicine that they are not often able to get because of the high cost. While Kirk and I attended patients, the pastor in the village told those waiting of the Gospel. Every person in line heard the Gospel proclaimed! Praise God!

We ran out of time today to finish all those waiting to be seen. We are returning tomorrow and will try to see the rest of them. Please pray that we can treat their physical illnesses well while opening a door for spiritual wellness to be obtained.

The rest of the team shopped for lunch supplies, made 150 sandwiches and prepared their stations (games, crafts, etc). Instead of touring the city, after dinner everyone went back to finish preparation for tomorrows gypsy outreach.

– Abby Pagel

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  1. Wendy S. says:

    It’s great getting to hear about alll you are doing. Praying for you daily.