Ucluelet – a couple pictures

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5 Responses to “Ucluelet – a couple pictures”

  1. osuna family says:

    hurray everyone looks well :0) Blessings!!

  2. Walker Family says:

    Great pictures and updates. We are praying for all of you! It’s hot at home so enjoy the weather. Looking forward to hearing how God is working through your time there.

  3. John & Corrinna Salas says:

    Yancy , I miss you much <3.Grandpa calls to check about the blogs daily and is super excited about the work you are doing for the Kingdom. Stay ground in the word that God has given to you, and uses the gifts of your happy joyful heart to serve others. See ya at the airport tuesday night… P.S Max walking around the house looking for you. Dakota, I am so happy once again you are serving again with Yancy. Your are a true blessing of friendship and encouragement for him. xoxoxo, Mommie

  4. Accardo Family says:

    We miss you Erica! We just keep thinking how amazing it is that you are in Canada serving the Lord with this great team. We can’t wait to hear about all that God has done this week through all the hands and feet serving Him! What a blessing!

  5. Kevin & Caroline Rogers says:

    We are praying that God uses all of you mightly!
    Dakota we love you so much and are so excited as we watch all opportunities God has given you to further His kingdom!!