Romania 7.22 – Church & Prep

The team enjoyed worship this morning at the Manastur Baptist Church. It was much more traditional than I had expected. The service was 2 hours, the music was hymns, with a choir and organ. The large gold “tear” in the wall behind the pastor is a reminder that as Jesus died, curtain of the temple was torn in two. Jesus is our High Priest and we can now boldly approach the throne of grace. I had an opportunity to address the church and introduce the team while Rei interpreted.

The church does a live translation of the service into English. We all were given headphones to listen. Come to fine out, the translator was one of the student that had gone to one of the Camp that the Pagel’s and Osterburg’s had served in 10 years ago. Jeanie also had a reunion with a former Romanian Camp friend.

After church we meet the Romanian volunteers. We enjoyed a pizza lunch and reviewed the plan for the week. We spent the next few hours getting the room decorated, figuring out where the breakout rooms were going to be and putting the last minute touches as we decorate our capes. The theme of the English camp is “Super Stories” and has many “Super Hero” elements as part of the fun.

The team had a Skype call with the Trinity Church missions prayer class. It was great to see so many friendly faces and to know that this team and our week has been bathed in prayer.

Registration starts at 9:00 am…we are expecting 80+ students. Including our team and the Romanian interpreters, that will be over 100. Thank you for your prayers as we begin a “Super” week!

– Bruce

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