Romania 7.23 – English Camp Day #1

Today was our first day at the English Language Camp. Our theme is “Super Stories” (reviewing the parables of Jesus) and the camp has many “Super Hero” elements as part of the fun. All the leaders get to wear capes!

We have 92 students and a dozen Romanian translators. With a variety of ages (4-15), two languages, different cultures, and a variety of skill levels there are a lot of variables! We were grateful that the first day went as well as it did. The team flexed well as needed and both the American and Romanian teams jumped in to fill in any gaps.

For those of you who are familiar with our Camp TLC, our English camp is very similar. There is a large group meeting to start off the day that includes music, games, drama and a Bible lesson. Then we break up into small groups with activities designed to reinforce the Bible lesson. One unique twist is that everything is first said in English, then interpreted into Romanian.

We have four activity stations…drama, art, music and outdoor games. Each child does all four stations each day. Snacks and lunch are provided. At the end of the day we gather back into a large group for more singing and a short video related to the Bible lesson. The children have LOTS of opportunities to hear and speak conversational English.

In many ways, the first day can be the hardest day with everything being new. It was certainly exhausting. Please pray for a good night’s rest as we prepare for tomorrow’s camp.

– Bruce

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2 Responses to “Romania 7.23 – English Camp Day #1”

  1. Lisa VanG says:

    Thanks for the blogs, feel just like I’m part of the team!!
    Praying for seedlings!!!

  2. Noelle says:

    92 kids! Wow, what a great turn out! My kids are at vbs this week. As I pray for their hearts to be open I will pray for the kids you are ministering to as well!