Romania 7.24 – English Camp Day #2

Today we told the “Super Story” of the wise and foolish builders. The campers learned about how important it is to build your life on Jesus and the Word of God. Many of them seemed to really grasp it. It is a joy to see the light in their eyes when they understand what we are trying to teach them.

We are beginning to build relationships with the campers and with the interpreters. God is working!
One of the blessings we have seen so far this week is a few campers that fall on the Special Needs Spectrum. They seem to be doing very well in the camp and thoroughly enjoying themselves. It is incredible to see them begin to be comfortable with us.

Please pray that God’s hand continues to be seen in the camp! We are enjoying ourselves, and the kids seem to be doing the same. Tomorrow we will tell the parable of the Prodigal Son. Please pray that the children’s hearts will be open to God’s Word. Thank you for your support!

-Abby for the Romania Team

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