Romania 7.25 – English Camp Day #3

Today’s lesson was the Parable of the Prodigal Son. There was a skit, Bible lesson, small group activities and a video to help bring the story alive.

We had two cultural experiences today. First there was the birthday of Lidia, one of our Romanian translators. After we sang her happy birthday in English, the Romanian’s sung to her. It was a totally different song and very beautiful. Another spirit lifter was when we were through for the day, the janitors wife made us homemade “clătite” for dinner…Romanian crepes. The are traditionally filled with jelly or cheese and then rolled. Very delicious!

Tomorrow the entire English Camp is taking two busses to visit The Turda Salt Mines, about 30 miles outside of Cluj. This should be a slower day. Apparently this is a VERY big abandoned salt mine…hundreds of years old. It has it’s own lake with paddle boats, ferris wheel, amphitheater and more. It should be a fun trip, and much cooler since it’s 100’s of feet below ground.

You would be so proud of this team…everyone is fully engaged. But it is starting to take physical toll. We have team members with upset stomach, migraines, swollen ankles, hurt knee, hip problems, itchy bug bites…and we are all tired from the many hours that we invest each day. Please continue to keep the team in your prayers.

– Bruce

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One Response to “Romania 7.25 – English Camp Day #3”

  1. Noelle says:

    What a fun video! Prayer for all the sickness and hurts…remember, when we are weak…He is strong!