Angola 7.26

Dear praying Brothers and Sisters,

Before we left on the plane for Luena, we were able to purchase seeds Helping Hands and the LINK girls at Trinity provided money for. They will be used by some to whom David and Myriam will give for gardens. As well, we had the privilege of visiting the CEML hospital in Lubongo built on the Mesa above the city where many are cared for medically and spiritually. The story of how it came to be is a wonderful one.

We have begun our Christian leaders’ conference here in Luena sponsored by SIM and the Trotts’ church. 100 Pastors and Leaders have joined us, and we love these men and women because of their deep passion to see Angolans come to Christ and grow in Him.

Today they were given 5 Theological books to help them in their studies. The Biblical Seminary in Lubongo is also doing an afternoon with them to instruct them in some Theological and Biblical basics. The Dean is the Director of SIM, and she is with us.

We will carry on with this until Sunday.

Sunday afternoon, Myriam will take me to meet with a large group of women who have a monthly meeting of worship and devotional. From this group, we will discern who will be sharing in the yarn and crochet project the June 2nd event provided. Pray for wisdom and great joy as some impoverished women are encouraged to begin working with this small token and earn money to pay for family needs.

It is always challenging to visit and serve in a 4th world country.

We love the city the Trotts are in and count it an honor to serve with them for this short time. The Angolans are a beautiful people, and Myriam and David work hard with them.

But we are being urged by the Spirit to once again change our ways as we come home to affluence. So many of our Christian brothers and sisters in the world have nothing or very little. Please, please remind us when we come home that we are not called to labor for the bread that perishes but for the eternal bread and remind us ‘to whom much is given much will be required.’

What a privilege we have, who have so much, to intentionally come alongside the rest of the world that needs to hear about Him and be strengthened in practical ways as well. This is because we are altruistic, but because for our sakes’ He became poor. We praise the Lord for the ways our Mission’s pastor and leaders are pushing us to share in this.

With great love in the Savior,

Joyfully, Gary and Elizabeth

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  1. Ken DeWitt says:

    Great to hear you are doing well and giving training and encouragement. Give greetings to The Trotts!