Romania 7.27 – English Camp Day #5

This was the recap video that we showed at the close of our English Camp.

Today was the last day of our English Camp. When we woke, we were dismayed to hear that Jeanie (the Team leader of the drama class) was ill…migraine and nausea. Except for a short time of saying good bye to the kids, she spent most of the day in bed with a throw up bucket near by. We had been praying all week long that in our weakness, that He would show Himself strong. This illness was not a surprise to God…and were all took comfort knowing that this was some how part of His plan. We restructured some things and the team did a great job flexing and covering for each other throughout the day.

Our original plan was to put on a end of camp celebration in the evening for the parents, but Rei had set our expectations pretty low…many families leave early for the weekend and he thought only a few families would come. Earlier in the week Joyce had decided to moved the presentation to 4:00 pm in hopes that more could join us.

I think everyone was shocked when around 40 parents and grandparents came the see the performance. The basement of the church was packed, and with the humidity and no air condition, it was as hot as a sauna. As we were leaving, one parent told us “Thank you for sweating for my children.”

All the children, from the biggest to the littlest had an opportunity to perform and they did a great job. On the drama side as we all know, “the show must go on!” Jeanie had prepped the kids so well and had finished the costumes the night before, so my Romanian translator and I were able to make things work and the children put on a lovely performance of the “Parable if the Sower.”

Everyone on the team is spent…it’s the kind of tired you get when you know you’ve left everything on the table. Only eternity will tell the impact that this weekend had.

Please pray for a good night’s rest and a full recovery for Jeanie. Tomorrow we plan on finishing our cleanup and taking the city tour we missed last week. We also hope to meet up with our Romanian translators for an appreciation dinner.

– Bruce Herwig

Sorry, I don’t have pictures of the drama…I was the narrator.

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