Romania – English Camp Reflections

It has been a privilege to represent Trinity Church and to serve here in Romania. I had the team put together some thoughts on their experience at the English Camp. – Bruce

Joyce Pagel
It was neat to see how the team rallied together to be the hand and feet of Jesus. When required, the team worked in areas that were not necessarily their strength, but they all did it with great attitude. I also loved working with those kids!

Abby Pagel
Eight years ago I was in Romania serving at one of Rei’s camps. I was grateful to see many of these same kids grown up and tell me how that camp had impacted their lives. I was grateful to see how the Trinity/Romanian ministry has helped in the past and the partnership confines to flourish and be fruitful.

Tom Osterberg
I’m thankful that God put together a team that was flexible and able to help each other. When Daniel and Jeanie were sick, and out for the day, others were able to step in and pick up the slack.

Jeanie Osterberg
I was thankful l to be able to reconnect with Rei & Ramona. It was also thankful to see the fruit from the trip 10 years ago. Some of the students that were in that camp are now taking leadership and serving in the church.

Mary Bailey
It was a privilege for the opportunity to be with with Rei and Cosmin in their ministry, serving the children of Cluj and surrounding areas. I was thankful for our outstanding translators. It was very reassuring to hear the good feedback that we got from the kids, the parents and from Rei…this team was used by God here in Romania.

Bruce Herwig
I was super impressed at the quality of our translators. Their heart for God and heart for ministry does not come by accident. You can tell that Rei and his team have invested their lives into these students. Friday night we had a huge thunder and lightening storm. I was thankful that God held off the rain until AFTER the English camp was over!

Kirk Pagel
I am repeatedly amazed at how big our God is. Whether Romanian or gypsy or American He cares for us. His Word is strong to save us all.

Daniel Pavoni
This trip definitely stretched my faith by pushing me into areas that I wasn’t naturally comfortable in…specifically working at the gypsy camp and having to do the daily Bible lesson. I thought the entire VBS portion of the program was fun for the kids and I was grateful to see them engaging is the days parable and gaining new understanding into God’s word.

Hanna Pavoni
I was grateful for the comradery that we had with our Romanian translators. It was clear that the relationships we had with Jesus and our common goal to serve the students brought us together. The translators were able to give us insight into the culture and how to best communicate with the children.

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