Angola 7.29

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

It is Sunday morning and a time to look back over the week and look forward to the opportunities of today and this week. It is almost impossible to put into words,

  • the sights (women carrying freshly washed and dried clothes in a huge basket on their heads as they walk with their latest baby on their back, back to their homes, children and adults standing by the huge water truck waiting for their bin to be filled so they can have water from the river to wash, clean and cook with….)
  • the emotions when we are moved to tears (100 Christian leaders listening intently to God’s word and rejoicing in worship as we conclude the conference, hearing the teen choir sing in closing celebration of the great God who has revealed Himself to us)
  • the thankfulness we have (mingling with brothers and sisters whose language we can’t speak but whose heart for the Lord Jesus we admire and covet, eating in their humble dwellings, seeing their church plant building, driving to the bush to see where leaders are taught Bible Basics over a month so they learn to interpret and rely on the sufficiency and authority of the Bible) and
  • the great joy we are experiencing with Myriam and David as we see the power of the Gospel in a land where nothing but natural light is available in their services, where nothing but simple fare is for meals and where ‘trust and obey’ is the main teaching for life from the Scripture.

The conference went well and we have some great pictures of the men and women who attended and received the set of Theological books. A number of the young pastors asked us to send them NIV Cross Reference Bibles in English. Many of them had to flee to Zambia during the war and learned English. So that is such a thrilling request since they are evangelists and teachings and need their best tool!

Yesterday was an amazing trip to the Bush. A man from the Brethren churches had attended the Seminary in Luando and is developing a month long training for lay leaders to come and study for a month, learning 38 subjects from Scripture so they can return and teach others also, as Paul instructed Timothy. Some walk a week just to get there and their devotion to the Lord is compelling. We loved them and look forward to meeting them again in heaven!

Today Gary will preach in the church plant the Trotts are part of. In the afternoon, Myriam and I will meet with a large group of women who meet monthly for praise and learning. I will share a devotional from Scripture and then we will begin the managing of the crochet/yarn project. We will also be giving out the seeds, carefully measured for individual families to start a garden. Tomorrow, David is taking us to see the HIV Training project that the Lord has opened for him to teach with the Government schools. His presence brings an authority that the young men and women do not have in teaching abstinence to the students.

We hope to spend some time seeing the ‘de-mining’ strategies that are so necessary in Angola following the 30 year war. And then we will spend time with Myriam and her brother and sister-in-law, visiting the Clinic.

Our flight home will be long. But we are sure you will pray for it to be safe and enjoy time to consider what we have seen, heard and learned Perhaps it will be time well spent in fruitful thought for us as well as give us an opportunity to share the gospel with someone the Spirit has prepared for us to speak of the Lord Jesus.

Thank for your prayers, your love and your faithful support of this mission. We never come home unchanged. The vibrance of the church in 4th world countries takes our breath away and we are praying Phil. 2 for our lives, that we will increase in esteeming others better than ourselves.

With love and gratitude to our Savior,

Gary and Elizabeth

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One Response to “Angola 7.29”

  1. Donna Stark says:

    …and as you “never come home unchanged”…that change rubs off on those of us at home. It will further shift our priorities and focus just to hear you talk about it.

    Praying for safe travel home and some much -needed sleep on the plane…