Ukee 7.16.13 Tuesday


7.16.13 6:22 pm
After a long day of travel and a night of sleep, we started off our first day in Ucluelet. The day started off with sleepy teenagers and a full day planned. In the morning, we led the local children in a sports camp. The camp consisted of soccer, basketball and gymnastics. Then in the afternoon we led an art camp. This consisted of photography, music and painting. Also throughout the day part of our team was doing community work projects. These jobs included pulling undergrowth out of a rock fountain, sanding and then power washing the deck of a house.

We started off the day tired, but as we got to work we were determined not to stop without finishing. Working with the kids of the sports and arts camp was fun and energizing. The community work projects were draining, but it gave us some quality time to talk and get closer together.

Today we are going to be leading another day of sports and arts camp. We will also be continuing or starting new work projects around the community. Please pray for continued safety, energy throughout the week, and that God is working through all that we do here throughout the town of Ucluelet. In addition we are excited and thankful that we have been invited by the Hitatsu First Nations Tribe to work on service projects on the reserve. Continuing to pray about our interaction with the people of the Hitatsu First Nations Tribe as well as with the people of the community of Ucluelet is greatly appreciated. We sincerely appreciate all of your prayers for wisdom, safety and that we represent Trinity Church and our Lord well!

Thank you,

Ucluelet Mission Team

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4 Responses to “Ukee 7.16.13 Tuesday”

  1. Maria Gardner says:

    We look forward to the daily updates and pictures!! So happy and proud of Haley to have this opportunity to be a part of team Ukee. Thank you and blessings to all.

  2. Sheila Walker says:

    Hey Team! Awesome news that God has opened the door to the Hitatsu Tribe! We are praying for all of you and the communities of Ucluelet and Hitatsu. Thank you for the great updates. Keep up the hard work :-)

  3. Amy Peterson says:

    Praying for all of you!

  4. SunnyBroman says:

    As I write this your plane should be nearing it’s final decent towards the Burbank airport. I’m sure you guys have had an awesome time in Ucluelet! I can’t wait to hear how God has worked in the lives of your awesome team!! Safe travels. See you soon!

    Love, Kady’s mom