Ukee 7.19.13 Friday

7.19.2013 11:09 pm
Day five started out with our final day of sports camp. We jumped straight into the excitement of the different sports. Then we finished the camp with a wonderful presentation of the gospel. During sports camp another group of our team members were putting down mulch inside a planter, weeding at the Hitatsu First Nations Tribe and beautifying the local aquarium. After lunch the arts camp began. For the final day we talked about the creation of man. To symbolize this, the photography class took portraits of the students while the painting class constructed a mural of all of God’s creation. To commemorate the arts camp our team members gave each child a booklet of pictures taken throughout the week. While arts camp was going on we finished the mulching of the planters at the Community Center, tore down old gutters from the church roof, continued weeding at the Hitatsu First Nations Tribe, finished staining the deck of the pastor’s house, and prepped a local baseball dugout for painting. Then for dinner we joined the pastor and some of the local teenagers from the church to have a bonfire on the beach, where we had a time of worship and had some time to connect with the youth of Ucluelet. This was an amazing experience.

Today one of our team members had the privilege of going back to the Hitatsu First Nations Tribe to continue weeding. This team member is usually extremely focused on his work and rarely pays attention to his surrounds. However this time he was unable to focus on his work, because his weed whacker would not start. At this point in time a man walked up to our team member and started a conversation about his life story. The man shared how he had overcome the challenges of addiction throughout his life. Immediately afterwards, a van load of young children were dropped off with whom our team member had the opportunity to talk to as well. He soon realized that one of the young boys was a child that had attended the sports camp last year. Soon after, the man who owned the house we were working on came outside and had a conversation with the same team member. This was an amazing experience due to the fact that had it not been for the weed whacker not functioning these conversations would have never transpired and would not have allowed us to invite these people to church on Sunday.

Tomorrow will be the first day without the sports or arts camp. We are planned to have a full day of working around the community, including rebuilding the church’s fence, painting the baseball dugout, and finishing up work projects around the community. We will be ending the day with a special invitation to dinner with the Hitatsu First Nations Tribe. This is a big step for our team considering that last year we had very limited access to the Reserve. Please be praying that our team will continue to share the gospel and that the upcoming church service will be a success, as a few of our students will be speaking and leading worship.


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2 Responses to “Ukee 7.19.13 Friday”

  1. Maria Gardner says:

    Everyone is working so hard. Thanks for sharing all the pictures we really enjoy them!! Bless you all :)

  2. Rod & Valerie Peister says:

    We are so pleased to hear about your days (day 4?) and see the pictures. Claire we miss you but are so thankful for the opportunity this trip gives you. We especially enjoyed the picture of you working with the kids in the gym! Looks like all of you are getting a lot of work done and have great opportunities to share the Lord. We will see you soon.
    God Bless.