Ukee 7.20.13 Saturday

7.20.13 11:36 pm
Day six was the first day without sports or arts camp, because of this Shawn packed the day full of jobs. One group went to finish painting the bus shelters out on the Hitatsu First Nations Reserve while another group went to paint the local baseball field dugouts. During this time our final group started to paint and reconstruct the fence at the church as well as painted a shed. With the whole team working together we were able to finish the job. After that we headed over to Wya Point, a private beach owned by the people of the Hitatsu First Nations Tribe. We enjoyed listening to stories told by a few of the elders of the tribe and honored them by leading a couple worship songs.

The time we spent on the beach with the people of the Hitatsu First Nations Tribe was a great experience. It was wonderful getting to talk to them about how they came to know Christ, how their tribe came to own the land, and the different hardships they had to face to be where they are today. This time spent in fellowship was an answer to our prayers. Just last year our team had limited access to the Reserve and now, with all that the team accomplished last year, we were overjoyed to be invited to this special time of fellowship in a place that means so much to their people. Working on the Reserve and being able to talk to the people led to relationships that will continue to make a big impact on the people of our team as well as the community of Ucluelet. We pray that the work we have done on behalf of Christ Community Church will help to strengthen the relationships Pastor Miles has been building between the Church and the community.

Tomorrow is a big day for our team as we will be taking part in leading the church service. Some of our team members will be leading worship as well as sharing their testimonies as well as what God has been teaching them on this trip. After the service, the church will be hosting a potluck lunch that will also include an Arts show for the families of the kids who participated in the Arts camp this week. This will be a meaningful ministry opportunity for us as we invite these families to spend part of their afternoon with our team and the Church. Please be praying that the church service will go according to God’s will, that we will be continuing to create relationships with the people in Ucluelet, and that God will also be working in our hearts as we near our last day in Ucluelet.

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2 Responses to “Ukee 7.20.13 Saturday”

  1. Maria Gardner says:

    Praise to all of you for the hard work you have done. Your relationship you have built with the Tribe and Community will never be forgotten . Bless you all again for all that you have done and prayers to everyone at church service and the celebration pot luck…enjoy!!!

  2. Tony and Chris Bennett says:

    Praying for continued windows of opportunities…such a neat experience for all of you. Tell Jason Aunt Trina and Aunt Jill arrived safely in China and are meeting Emily:) Loved the story about the weed whacker and awesome sharing moments!