Ukee 7.23.13 Tuesday

7.23.13 11:50 am

This morning started off with a debriefing of our time in Ucluelet. We talked about all of the things we learned while on this trip. One of the main things was how God is our strength in our time of weakness. We are looking forward to being home with our family and being able to show others the change that has happened within us while on this trip. We are set to check out of our hotel at around noon. We will then drive to Seattle where we will be catching our flight. We will have some more time at the airport to talk and have some solo time with God. Our flight is scheduled to take off at around seven and we will be arriving in Burbank at around nine. There we will be met by some parents of our team members who will be loading us up into their cars and driving us back to the church. We are scheduled to arrive at the church around midnight.

This week has been an amazing experience for all of our team members. We built relationships with new people while at the same time building upon the relationships we already have. Our team has grown close in the eight days we have spent packed into 15 passenger vans, weeding, painting, running a sports and arts camp and diving into God’s word. As some of our team members are going to be heading off to college in a few weeks we hope they will continue to grow and exemplify Christ through all they do in these new environments they will encounter.

Our whole team would like to thank all of our supporters for all they have done to help us out with this trip. As we enter back into our community, we ask that you continue to pray about our mission. We pray for Pastor Miles White and his wife Lori as they continue to spread God’s Word all throughout Ucluelet, that they will be blessed.  It would be appreciated that you would be praying for the White’s son as he continues to battle all the challenges life has thrown his way. Such as the difficulties he faces being a cripple and the pain he must go through. Also pray for the community of Ucluelet, that the work they saw us doing would not be pointed towards us as people but that the glory would be given to God. One of the church elders we met this week is having a difficult time raising his two great grandchildren as their mother is not present in their lives. He has asked for specific prayer in this area and that God would give him guidance in raising his two beautiful grandkids. We ask that your prayers go towards Vernon, Simon, Alyssa, Bryson, Hume, Carter, Hudson, Aiden, Daniel, Lauren, Elise, Noah, Miranda, Tianna, Aeja, Shoshona, Tyson, and all the other children of the sports and arts camp that they won’t forget all that we taught them. For Bob, Vi, Barb, and all the other members of the Hitatsu First Nations Tribe that there would be a revival within their area and also that their tribes language would meet the policy of the school system so that they can keep their language alive. Finally, we would like to ask you to pray for the people who did not come with us on this trip that even though they weren’t with us in Ucluelet that the change in ourselves that we bring back will be realized as God molding us all into the people he has called us to be.

P.S. Join us for our Ucluelet Sharing Time on Sunday, July 28 from 1:00-2:30 pm at Trinity Church in Room M105 to hear more about how God worked on this trip and to see more pictures!

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  1. Elizabeth Inrig says:

    We have loved reading the daily blog of your time in Ucluelet. Thank you for going to share the Gospel and to live the Gospel. Your descriptions helped us pray for this mission. We’re eager to hear more stories tonight. Thank you Shawn and Ally and your whole team for your love for Christ so clearly seen.