Honduras 2014 June 16

No big buildings, but what a grand church. Many believers here in Siguatepeque give themselves away in extraordinary service. Christians are involved at every level – especially with the children. This poor nation has little to spend on education. So the schools welcome it when people from “Scripture Union” supplement the curriculum by teaching Values and Spiritual Education.This volunteer team of believers are in 21 schools every week, singing, sharing Bible stories, and teaching them how to know Jesus. In addition, Scripture Union has a nationwide campaign called “No more Violence”, a  ministry of book distribution to put biblical books in the hands of students and others, a Christian camp, and excellent strategic plans to partner with churches throughout Honduras. Amen!

In addition to the many ministries that the Martinez family is helping to lead, Dr. Martinez has opened clinic to care for people with gastrointestinal problems. (There are only 14 specialists in the country). His services are always a combination of medical expertise, loving the patients, and praying with each of them. Holistic medicine in the best sense!

Praise: We have been able to connect with many people doing the kinds of ministries that are in our mission. We should be able to consolidate and come up with usable strategies for the future.

Immediate Prayer needs:

Doris, the Martinez’ daughter, was robbed at knife point yesterday. The Martinez’ medical doctor friend and coworker was killed on the highway two days ago. Kevin, Josh, and Steve are all gut sick. We have a very busy schedule Wednesday and little time to sleep Wednesday night (we depart for the airport at 4:00 am).

“Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.” 1 John 3:18

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