Spain Team Day 3 July 13

photo (2)!Buenos noches desde España! Our time at church was very moving. All testimonies given were inspiring nand hopefully they touched some hearts in JD’s church. And worship was fun as well! After church JD took us all to his and his wife’s, Sara, favorite cafe Bar Guadalquivir and we enjoyed some delicious tapas. We then drove back to the camp and the girls moved into our new house which will include all the campers. In EMILIE (we apologize for not including your name with the first day blog)  and Sarah’s new room included a pet, a lizard which lost it’s tail in the capturing process (Thank you Anaiah!). Please pray for the arrival of all of the campers and that everything will run smoothly for the first day of English Action Camp!

Sarah and Bekah
Spain Mission trip
Day 3

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One Response to “Spain Team Day 3 July 13”

  1. Donna Stark says:

    So glad you are all well and “together” after your brief separation! HA! I just prayed for your ministry with the campers. May the Lord use everything you do and say for his glory.