Portugal Team Day 2 July 18

Wow! What a day! So much happened, but the biggest thing was our kids outreach in the afternoon at a park in Caxias. They have done events like this in the past, but with just a few kids showing up. It looked like it was going to be the same for today. We woke up to a  cold, chilly, and rainy morning, which the Portuguese are not fond of. As the day went on, the sun would peek out of the clouds and then hide once again.  It looked as if our event was not going to get many people. God was at work though and 15-20 kids arrived about halfway through!  They loved the animal balloons and face painting.

A couple of us had the unique opportunity to go with Traci to Rosa’s cafe, where we will do a few events, to bake cookies. We will be decorating them tomorrow with local children. While the cookies,  baked they sat with Rosa (it was unusually calm) and talked.  God was working. He gave them the opportunity to talk about how having Christ in their lives makes them want to reach out to those around them.

It was a beautiful day and we are looking forward to what else God has planned for us!

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