Portugal Team Day 3 July 19

Today was a two-part day. We began with attending church, the one the Shoemakers used to attend, back in Lisbon. We were asked to run the children’s program for the morning. Henry was a shepherd and the kids helped him find his lost sheep, Woolie.  This led into our story time of the parable of the lost sheep and crafts, which they made sheep out of cotton balls and marshmallows. We had planned on the program being for younger kids, but there ended up being many more high schoolers than expected.  We were taken aback, but went ahead with our plans anyway. It was a pleasant surprise when they jumped right into all the activities.

This afternoon we hosted an event at Rosa’s cafe. A lot of the kids we met yesterday came back and that was really encouraging.  We made little animal puppets, more balloon animals and did face painting. We also played lots of games,  which the children loved. Jonathan and Traci got to talk with lots of parents and make some connections. One of our team members said that it was nice to see so many smiles from both the kids and the parents

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