Portugal Team Day 4 July 20

We have had a unique experience here in Portugal. We’ve partnered with a local café and it has been wonderful.  Today we hosted more games and crafts, but were able to share The Parable of the Lost Sheep also. We could tell that the  children were enjoying themselves and it was nice to see Jonathan and Traci meet some more people in the neighborhood.

The café owner has been really encouraging and supportive of our activities. We were told today that some people have spoken harshly to her about the decision to have us serve there.  She told a few of us that she is happy to have us here and that it was nice to finally have a true Christian group serving in Caxias. What an encouragement to hear, especially from an unbeliever!

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One Response to “Portugal Team Day 4 July 20”

  1. Jenn says:

    How cool! What a blessing!