Ucluelet Team Day 7 July 20

Fellowship. That word basically describes all of Sunday. After breakfast and devotions, everybody helped clean the church and get it ready for the local church service. There was sweeping, vacuuming, and yes, we did clean the bathrooms. When we finished cleaning up, we all got dressed up and ready for church. Our team provided both worship and the message. We had five speakers; Leia Austin, John Michael Coleman, Christine Hysell, Bridget Gillespe, and Curtis Hohl. They all did a wonderful job and the congregation loved what they had to say. After the service there was a potluck put on for all the members of the church and for our team. It was  great opportunity to get to know local people and to learn more about them and the community. Later that day we took a trip to Tofino, a town about an hour away. While there, we went to souvenir shops, got ice cream, and walked around the town. We ate dinner there and just had a good time together, getting to know each other better.  Long Beach was our next stop, yes, Canada also has a Long Beach, where we explored, climbed trees and played frisbee on the beach.  After getting back to the church we played a group game and then it was off to bed. Please continue to pray for diligence in getting work done quickly and efficiently and also for the children who accepted Christ into their heart this week.

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  1. Joyce Lyons says:

    Praying that your mission was a success and that you have a safe and stress-free return home. So proud of everyone that chose to go and help others. What a great example these teenagers are.