Competition Day 7.15.15

DSC_0265 (Medium)An old factory, broken down and deserted. The camp property has an amazing, dilapidated factory on the grounds. It was an iron factory and supported its own town. We took the kids on a hike through the factory grounds so they could take pictures of the amazing grounds. Today was a big team competition day. We created a flag for each team and a cheer. Water balloon toss, over-under cup relay, volley ball, and archery, the kids had a great time playing the games competitively even though there was a language barrier. I have been having a great time hanging out with and getting to know these kids. It is amazing how a language barrier doesn’t have to stop a relationship.

Jim had a little too much fun with water. While we were hanging out, having just finished team competitions, he decided to start dumping water on us from a wall above. The kids began asking for him to dump the water on them too. I guess that is what happens when it is hot and you see water.

Please pray as we try to share the gospel with these kids. Also pray for our work project which we are beginning to work on this week and continuing all of next week. Thank you for all your prayers.

For the team, Morgan Vandiver

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2 Responses to “Competition Day 7.15.15”

  1. Jan Gurley says:

    There is no language barrier to God’s love:-) Praying for the Holy Spirit to touch hearts and minds for Him!

  2. Jocelyn Chu says:

    I am so glad everything is going smoothly! I am praying for you guys! Tell everyone I said hey!