God Has a Plan 7.16.15

A day can be good even if it seems impossible. Having had a lot of kids and team members feeling the effects of dehydration, the day has been slow. The whole order of things seemed to be thrown off balance. That didn’t mean the day wasn’t good, it may have been discouraging, but it has worked out. We did our classes and played some water games. We have been just hanging out. I have personally been discouraged but I know God has a plan for all this craziness.

All of the adults have been amazing, trying to work out all of the problems. Even though it is so crazy, they all have handled it amazingly.

Please pray for all those who are not feeling up to par, that they will get hydrated and plenty of rest and for the rest to stay healthy. Also for our hike to the waterfall, that no one gets hurt. Thank you for all your prayers.

For the team, Morgan Vandiver

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2 Responses to “God Has a Plan 7.16.15”

  1. Joan & Phil Baltzley says:

    We will be praying for God’s mercy to heal those that are sick and to strengthen and encourage all of the team members.
    God bless,
    Joan and Phil

  2. Elizabeth Inrig says:

    Praying your siestas will help you gain the strength you need. And praying for good health for all.