Finally, Coolness… 7.17.15

IMG_8647 (Medium)Day 5 of camp and we finally saw clouds. The weather was slightly humid in the morning, but it was cooler than it’s been all week. We still have so much energy…especially in the pool. All four teams played water volleyball, team cheers in the pool, and a competition to see which team can do the best jumps into the pool. It was even more exciting because spirit points were tripled. Also, it slightly stressful because counselors haven’t gotten much sleep and there was a ton of miscommunication. Later, after everyone had changed, we started our last day of workshops. Everyone’s skits, dance, and crafts looked ready for our final performance for the campers’ parents. For our final Night Show, we’re planning on displaying an array of color through balloons, glow sticks, and streamers. The drama, dance, and puppet classes will be performing their completed acts, we will be playing our favorite games, and we have an amazing worship list lined up that will hopefully be inspirational. A majority of the campers and many counselors feel better, but a few people are still not feeling well. Please continue to pray for health. along with plenty of hydration and rest. Also, please pray for the safety of the next team coming in a couple days. Finally, keep praying for the team’s strength, energy, and stress level.

For the team, Rebekah Barker

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