Divide and Conquer 7.22.15

IMG_9361 (Medium)Two separate places, one team. While others continued on the work project, the puppet team headed out to do a VBS for a bunch of kids. We performed skits, sang songs, played games, and taught them English. Our last skit consisted of the story of David and Goliath and for some of the kids, it was their first time hearing the story. JD had to ask the question, “Who won?” I had a great time performing those puppets for those kids. Even with constant pausing for translation, it was enjoyable.

JD wanted the four of us on the puppet team to see a bit of Spain and of course we were all for it. We got to see a government building that was used in some of the Star Wars movies. It was cool to drive and walk around, we all suddenly realized, we were in another country. AJ Woolard, Taylor Wingo, Macy Carter, and I had a great time bonding with the kids through our puppets and with each other.

Please pray for the work project as we quickly finish all we will get to do. Thank you for your support.

For the team, Morgan Vandiver

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