Home Safely 7.27.15

Last BlogThe last two days of the trip were packed and a tad stressful. We took a train to Seville and saw a lot of amazing things. We had some normal Spanish food and bought some souvenirs. The stress came when we had to run to the train station. We were running a tad late and had to sprint to the train. It was an experience at the least. The last day began early at 4:00 o’clock in the morning. Some people hadn’t bothered to sleep so that they could spend their time with our team members from Spain, Nora and Josway. Many tears were shed as we packed up the bus and started our long trip home. It was a day full of the plane trips, running from one gate to another, and constant passport and bag checks. We arrived at the church at around 11:00 pm last night tired, worn, glad, and hopeful. I know God did some amazing things through this trip. He worked through every hard thing we encountered. The trip was a blessing to every one of us and everyone we met.

Josway, Nora, Martha, Ava, Raquel, Eva, Richard, Antonio, and many more were the amazing people we meet on this trip. They each touched our team in special ways. Josway became a good friend of Alex Burchinal and shared how our trip was a blessing from God to him. Nora was sweet and kind, helping translate for us. She became good friends with Macy Carter. Both those friendships are ones that will last a lifetime. Martha also translated for us and was wonderfully kind and sweet. Gail could be heard crying her name the day after she left. Ava was the 9-year-old daughter of Richard & Eva; she was a light to our team as she worked hard at everything. She even helped in the work project. Raquel was the older daughter of Richard & Eva, she was a quiet and kind presence in our midst. Eva & Richard were the people who ran the camp. They are an amazing couple who had dedicate their lives to serving Christ in this capacity. Antonio is Eva’s father and helped with the work project. All the people we met touched our lives in amazing ways.

Please pray for all the people we met in Spain. Pray for JD & Sarah and their two girls. Especially pray for Antonio for he has not accepted the Lord Jesus into his life yet. Thank you for your support throughout this trip. We have appreciated your comments and prayers. Thank you for your essential part of this trip. I thank God for all He did these last two weeks in all our lives and am excited for what He will bring next as we are back home. Thank you once again. Praise the Lord for His wonderful works.

For the team, Morgan Vandiver

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2 Responses to “Home Safely 7.27.15”

  1. Jan Gurley says:

    Praising God for the many answered prayers for you during this trip and for your successful ministry in His name. May your experiences lead you to know the plan God has for your life!

  2. Elizabeth Inrig says:

    Great conclusion to a terrific trip. Even if it was late.
    A good story of dedicated lives touching a new generation
    For the sake of Jesus. Praying for Antonio.