Setting Up for the Parents, Decorating for the Kids. 8.9.15

The Trinity Church Service team got their workout today in Germany as we unloaded a van full of heavy tech items, drum set, and monitors. During the set-up, the others prayed together, then walked around the huge convention center room separately praying according to His Word, touching every chair and praying for each congregant.

What a rich time of trusting God with specifics. “Walking back in there later, a cool refreshing breeze was felt and I knew the Lord gave that special moment,” reported a Trinity Service team member. The musicians were in great shape as they rehearsed the songs for tomorrow.

Please pray for the GEM Annual Conference as the missionaries are collected at two different airports tomorrow by several Trinity Service team members, and the AC begins! Pray for revival and for the missionaries to feel God’s extravagant love poured out on them.

Sandee Foster, Service Team


After a quick breakfast, the children’s team began preparations for the conference that will be starting Monday. We started are meeting with a quick “get to know you” activity then part of our team went to work on  a skit/worship.

The other team members began to unpack the ministry bags and separated the contents into many piles. We successfully decorated the provided with colorful posters. After dinner, we created towers out of straws and were able to share testimonies.

Through these testimonies, we have been able to grow closer together, to the point where tears have been shared.

Please pray for our team as we begin the first day of conference and as all the kids arrive and become acquainted.

Sarah Polen, Children’s Team



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One Response to “Setting Up for the Parents, Decorating for the Kids. 8.9.15”

  1. Kris Van sice says:

    I am so glad things are going well. We are praying for you all and know that the Lord has you in His hands! ☺ glad you’re having some fun too! ?