They are all safely home!

Germany - Team Report - webWelcome home Germany Team!
Please join us in hearing how God used this team

Come hear about adventures the Germany team experienced.
Hear how our Awesome GOD is at work in the hearts of the people who serve him.

Sunday, September 6
6:00-8:00 pm
Worship Center

Refreshments to follow.

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One Response to “They are all safely home!”

  1. Susan Tweedy says:

    Aaahhh, I wish I could click the heels of my ruby red slippers and appear there on the 6th to hear what you all have to share! Your serving was SUCH a gift to the missionaries last week. It was a week of refreshment, a chance to hear the Word taught and have sweet times of worship (in English!)…. It was a week of fun and learning and reconnecting with friends for all the kids. And it was time where there was a lot of networking and planning for upcoming ministry for so many of the missionaries. You made all that possible. Thank you!!!