Mississippi 2016 – Enroute 7.17.16

Sunday – We arrived in Kansas at First Baptist Fellowship church where Pastor John, his wife, and his crew wonderfully blessed us with a warm welcome (literally) and some delicious homemade food for lunch. we had awesome air-conditioned rooms and then we unpacked. During a meeting we talked about Romans 6 and shared about the Jesus Freaks DC book. We had an thoughtful discussion and heard an interesting story from Pastor John about how God really guided him to where he is at now. After that meeting, we headed for a sound sleep, prepared to wake up at 4:00 in the morning.

Monday – We woke this morning at 4:00 am, packed, and went down for some breakfast being prepared by the wonderful crew. They made us some heavenly bacon, scrambled eggs, chocolate chips waffles or regular waffles, and french toast. We thanked the crew and the pastor for blessing us and providing for us and loaded up in the vans, ready to hit the road to Mississippi. We drove and drove, made a few stops for bathroom breaks, and stopped at a Sonic Burger for lunch. As we drove, we got to see a lot of the amazing creations of landscapes and everlasting green that God created. Finally we crossed the bridge to Mississippi…. and arrived at Damcusas Baptist church where the crew welcomed us. We made it to our destination safely without traffic and no one too sick or injured.

~Amaya Arellano for the Team (Photos by Naomi Buffam)

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2 Responses to “Mississippi 2016 – Enroute 7.17.16”

  1. Alex Burchinal says:

    Praying for you guys!

  2. Jan Gurley says:

    Praying for your team in the heat and humidity of MI! It’s suppose to be 108 here in So. Cal. tomorrow! Lord have mercy…