Mississippi 2016 – Work and Children’s Camp

Wednesday morning we got up and ate breakfast, then started working right away. After working a lot on the house, we went to lunch and did devotionals. After, we set up the children’s bible school and were joined by Pastor Anthony’s daughters. Even though we had just two kids we had fun and welcomed them. They enjoyed crafts and art and worship led by Rebekah, Matthew, and Victoria. Elizabeth talked about Daniel 3:23. After her wonderful story we went back to arts and crafts and played other types of games. When we finished CBS, we went back to the grind and got more work done. After dinner Jim led us in worship. We went to our bible groups and discussed about what’s going on in our lives and how we are doing spiritually. After a long day we finally went to bed.

~Amaya Arellano for the Team (Photos by Naomi Buffam)

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One Response to “Mississippi 2016 – Work and Children’s Camp”

  1. patricia says:

    Way to go! the pictures helped us see how much the team is accomplishing. Thank you for doing your work with His joy.