Mississippi 2016 – Answers to Prayer

Thursday morning was the usual routine, get up, eat breakfast, get to work and get a lot done. The house is coming along nicely. After lunch and devotions, we returned to set up the CBS. This time 12 kids showed up! Praise the lord and thanks to everyone who has been praying about the kids! We had tons of fun with sports, arts and crafts and worship. Montana shared about Daniel and the lions. Madeline and Macy did an awesome lion roar. When we finished CBS we were all so joyful about the amount of kids that came. It energized us to finish more work on the house. We are so close to finishing. After a dinner of yummy lasagna and Jim leading worship, we broke up into our bible groups and shared a lot about our God sightings at the work site and about our faith struggles. After a full, fun day, we headed to bed.

Friday morning, after breakfast, we went to the worksite and continued working on the roof and floors. After lunch, we set up Children’s Bible School with the same kids attending. Matthew, Elizabeth, Morgan, and others interacted with the kids. John Michael and shared the story of the Exodus with Moses, the Israelites, and the Red Sea. After CBS we went back to work trying to finish the roof and the floor. We were treated to pizza and hot wings before heading back to the worksite to work until after 9 pm. We finished most of it while some of the crew went back the next morning to wrap up before we left for Kansas at 10 am.

~Amaya Arellano for the Team (Photos by Naomi Buffam)

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  1. Christy Harker says:

    Been praying for you guys and we love the updates…thank you.