Germany Team 8.6.2016

Photo Aug 06, 10 33 01 AM (Medium)Excursions, then to Willingen
We left our hotel in Frankfurt and made our drive to Willingen. On the way there, we had the opportunity to stop at a 700 year old castle known as Braunfels Castle in Braunfels, Germany. We had a grand tour of the Knights room which showed various types of weapons and armor worn by those who protected and fought. We also saw many pieces of art that the family had collected throughout the centuries. After the castle, we were able to stop at some American favorites for lunch, McDonald’s and Subway. It was truly a treat! We later arrived at our destination.
It feels good to be back and we are excited to see how the Lord will use us for this week! Please continue to pray for the arrival of those attending the conference and for those preparing for it will remain healthy and ready to serve.


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