Germany Team 8.7.2016

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Preparations for the Conference
For the Children’s team. the day started with breakfast amongst arriving GEM attendees and their families. We then gathered and listened to a devotion focusing on the importance of the time spent here in Willingen. After, the children’s team and service team were able to begin their assignments. The children’s team begun inventorying their ministry bags which held all the supplies for the upcoming week. They were able to decorate and organize their classrooms around the main theme “God’s Masterpiece”. We also had the privilege to watch 8 am service live. It was a blessing to be able to support our new pastor oversees!
Please pray for the first day of conference to go smoothly and that God will be at work!

The Service team began work on Sunday, as their first work day. After worshiping together with the entire team, the Service team gathered in the “home-base” office to discuss priorities of the day. We wrapped up in time to join up with the rest of the team to watch Todd Arnetts first message at Trinity via livestream. There was quite a buzz being part of the Sunday Morning Service at 5:00 in the evening. After dinner, we headed back to the office to unload the GEM office supplies and conference equipment, then got to work setting up for the beginning of conference starting tomorrow. Our team showed flexibility in different areas… After setting up media, Curtis helped solve problems in other areas for some of the GEM staff. LynRae took on the challenge of creating  eye-catching GEM Team Update walls. We worked on little sleep, as we are still feeling affects of jet lag. Finally wrapping up at 10:30 pm, we headed for rest, preparing for a very early start in Monday.
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