Germany Team 8.9.2016

IMG_3231 (Medium)Right this way….Second day of Conference Festivities.

Today was our first full day of conference. The children’s team dove into their curriculum which centered around being “God’s Masterpiece”. We had the children until lunch, so they they were about to do activities with their group leaders and make different projects. During the second half, or after dinner, the older children had the opportunity to rotate through an art class, science experiment class, and then have free time with their group leader. The children had a great time and the leaders were happy to serve!
Please continue to pray for good health and encouragement for our children and service team as we continue through the week of conference. Also be praying for the conference attendees and their families.
After devotions with the entire team, the Service Team met for the morning priorities meeting with GEM staff. Many requests had been submitted to the office for such things as making copies, printing notes (yes, from a computer with a German language menu), bring more chairs to or taking chairs from rooms, knives to cut apples for children, adding to display boards and more. We were on our toes. If someone needed it, we took care of it, or found someone that could. After lunch we monitored rooms for the break-out sessions, being on hand to assist the speaker. As we had the evening free, after a little rest, the team went to town together to chat about the day.
Tomorrow the missionaries have a free day, so pray for some real refreshment for their families and a good time for reconnecting. Pray for our team to continue to serve as one, and not to forget the real mission to love.
Mindy Sames for the Service Team.


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