Germany Team 8.10.2016

Photo Aug 09, 8 33 34 PM (1) (Medium)Day three…Happy Birthday Sally!
The third day of conference was underway with sessions for the parents and the children’s program for the kids. The children sang songs, did artsy projects, and were able to have free time. The children went through their normal rotations and also received their “God’ Masterpiece” t-shirts at the end of the day. We’re all having fun getting to know and love these kids! It is such a privilege to be here!
Please continue to pray for safety, team health, and energy to keep up with a lot of excited kids!
Blessings,Sarah for the Children’s team.

After the Service Team had devotions, and a priority meeting, they joined GEM attendees in the main conference room, participating in worship and enjoying the opportunity to hear field reports and the main speaker.

Today GEM hosted a lunch for all the men in the team. The men in our team were invited to join them. As the women were leaving our lunch area, we passed by the men’s luncheon and witnessed an awesome event. A room full of men, standing, laying hands on each other and praying. It was sacred ground!

Back to work at our usual tasks, monitoring rooms, greeting speakers, printing items for the children’s team, running to unlock doors, rearranging rooms and so on. Yesterday & today we had visiting children, as they were doing fun events that led them to our office for a reward. We were also treated to a kazoo parade. Nice break in our day.
Even as Curtis manned the media booth, he was still able to multi-task and help us with some technical printing issues. And in turn we were able to help the children’s team get a jump on their planned art show by helping prep display walls.

The day wound down with a GEM family fun night, that we were invited to attend after we prepped the cookie trays. Many very impressive talents were presented, including a lot of humor. Laughter is a great way to stay awake, when fighting the “sleepies.”

Pray for rest this evening (as we are able to retire earlier than normal), for continued good health and a time for our entire team to gather together to reconnect (possibly tomorrow).
Mindy Sames for the Service Team.


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