Germany Team 8.11.2016

Fourth day of Conference Festivities
IMG_3305 (Medium)Works hard, and has fun too….The day started with a quick breakfast and then a devotion. The service and children’s team shared some answered prayers and ways we have seen God work. The children’s and service team then split off to complete their tasks for the day. After the teams tasks were completed, both teams were treated to lunch.

During lunch we discussed what it meant to serve and how our thoughts about service changed for the better. After we ate and gabbed for which felt like many hours, most went souvenir shopping and explored the town.

After dinner, GEM treated the teams to ice cream and gave certificates of appreciation to each member. Some even got on the dance floor and polkaed! Once back at the hotel, all teams were on deck as we began to repack and inventory the ministry bags.

Tomorrow is the last day of conference so please pray for a great ending to a great week and that the missionaries and their families had a well rested and relaxing time spent here in Willingen.
Side note: Due to some missionary families living in areas where being a Christian can be dangerous, for their safety, we cannot post pictures of their kids.
Blessings,Sarah for the Children’s Team

Service team proceeded into the day. First up… Prep the cookies. GEM missionaries are encouraged to bring cookies from the countries they serve. A couple nights this week, we prepared them by displaying them nicely on serving platters and taking to the main hall to be enjoyed during breaks.
Wednesday night was family fun night, so we got the cookies ready early, set them up then went into the hall to watch the show. When we returned at the end of the show, we were surprised to discover that some of the children had discovered the cookies, and we’re enjoying tea parties. We scrambled quickly to refill the trays. We couldn’t fill them fast enough for all the “sweet tooths.”

Before lunch we helped set up the dining room with gifts for the GEM women’s luncheon, then the Trinity teams headed into town to connect during lunch. As we waited for our delicious authentic German meals to arrive, we discussed our experiences, what we’ve discovered and learned during this trip
-Refugees are not a burden, they are an opportunity waiting to hear of Jesus.
-We are not facing a terrorist crisis, but a “no Jesus” crisis.
-Come to a mission trip prepared, yet be be willing to let expectations fall away and be flexible. That is when we are truly serving.

After lunch, we split up to visit the town. A few of the team visited the alpine slides, enjoying a thrill ride down the slopes. Returned to the hotel for dinner, GEM then took us out for an Ice Cream recognition night. Among yummy treats, they thanked us for our service, passing out certificates. Several on the team partook of the live polka entertainment, dancing a few steps.

The weather has been very cool. Today we experienced some sprinkles while out and about.

Returning to the hotel, the service team helped the children’s team by finishing up the display boards, and inventorying and packing the GEM storage for children’s program.

Another late night, prepping for a long day tomorrow. Pray for health ( a couple of us are getting colds), stamina for the last, busiest, longest day and continued unity, even as we are running low on energy sometimes.
Mindy Sames for the Service Team

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